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Your Furnace Repair: Don’t Get Ripped Off

by R. Carnavale April 18th, 2014 Decorating, Home Bargains
Your trusty furnace has been faithfully churning out every time it's been cold and yet now, it doesn't seem to be working right -- maybe there's an odd rattle or worse, no heat. What will you do? Will you need a repair or a new furnace? Dealing with hardware stores and furnace repair shops can be tricky, so you'll want to prepare yourself as best you can by doing your homework so that you don't get ripped off by unscrupulous repair shops. Here are some tips to make the
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Opposites Attract: How to Pull Off Two-Tone Walls

by Editorial Team April 18th, 2014 Special Interest Section
When blending two different tones or colours in a room, great care needs to be taken to tread the line between effortless harmony and visual chaos. Just as opposite decor styles can work seamlessly together i.e. both a rustic and contemporary kitchen, so too can two tones work well when they are carefully coordinated. Follow these top tips to achieve a professional result every time with two-tone walls.

Split the walls

Splitting the walls into two separate tones is a popular choice as the stark contrast of colours and tones can lend a decorative element in itself. A bathroom for example,
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Creating the Most Attractive Aquarium for Your Fish

by Editorial Team April 17th, 2014 Special Interest Section
A hybrid specis of cichlid swimming in public aquarium.
Decorating the aquarium is often one of the most rewarding and creative parts of owning fish. After you’ve set up your new tank and installed the filtration equipment, you can start to think about decorations. It’s best to go with a style that mimics the natural environment of your fish and one that suits their needs in terms of light and space. Don’t go overboard with crazy colours when it comes to choosing gravel and rocks, as this may
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Painting Your Entryway

by Jessica B. April 17th, 2014 Painting
The first impression guests get of your house is when they enter. Your entryway sets the stage for your entire home, but it can also be the source of a lot of headaches. Many entryways do not have a lot of natural light, they may be crowded with jackets, shoes, bags and other things family members have not put away, and the floorboards can get a lot of wear
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Entryway Electrical Demands

by T Akery April 16th, 2014 Electrical, General
lamp table (400x400)When setting up the electrical system in your entryway, you have to consider both practicality and need in this area. Even though lighting is your number one electrical demand, you may need more than just a couple of lights in this area. So, here are some other things to
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