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Entryway Repairs

by T Akery April 24th, 2014 Maintenance, Repairs
The entryway is the one area of the house that has the most incoming and outgoing traffic. Because of this high usage, it is also one of the places that becomes worn out, damaged and otherwise rundown. A lack of attention here can reflect badly upon the rest of your home because it is one of the very first places that guests see. It is also one of the first places that you see when you enter the home and neglecting it can also leave you with the feeling
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Kitchen Design

by Editorial Team April 24th, 2014 Special Interest Section
Designing a kitchen from scratch is an exciting project, but it is an enormous task, whichever way you approach it. It has to be a space that works for a very long time – and though you might be able to change the superficial stuff, such as the colour of the cupboard doors, the essential design of the kitchen itself requires a complete overhaul, so you need to get it right first time.

Do the Research

Make sure you know your stuff when it comes to kitchen design. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a complete newbie, making sure you’re
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Looking After Your Glass

by Editorial Team April 23rd, 2014 Special Interest Section
On a job site, vulnerable or fragile materials can often get damaged accidentally. This does include glass, as the surface can be damaged in a number of ways, making the finished product look below the standard it should. It must therefore be protected.

Alkali Solutions as a Cause of Glass Surface Damage

Alkali solutions can cause a world of problems when it comes to glass, and they can appear in a variety of ways.

Perhaps surprisingly, water is one of the substances
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coats (400x400)

Entryway Organization

by Jessica B. April 23rd, 2014 Organization, Storage
Having an organized entryway is key to having an organized and clean home. The entryway is where you come in and take off your coat, perhaps your shoes, and leave your bags and things. If you have an organized system for handling all of your things, you avoid having all kinds of extra stuff cluttering up both your entry way and the rest of your house.

1) Everyone
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How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper

by Editorial Team April 22nd, 2014 Special Interest Section
BathIf you’re currently embarking on a redecorating project, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. If you’re interested in using wallpaper rather than paint to freshen the walls in your home, you may feel daunted by the amount of choice available on the market. The best way
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