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3 Exciting Fountains for Your Dining Room

by Marnie Bii
If you are looking for a fun mealtime gadget, you can set up a novelty fountain in your dining room to entertain the whole family. The fountain acts as a constant serving dish while providing a bit of entertaining interaction. Here are the three most popular types of fountains to consider.


Imagine free flowing ranch or barbecue sauce for dipping

An Umbrella Wreath for Your Front Door

by Kimberly Hays
Now that winter is finally over, it is time to spruce up your home with the colors of spring. The first impression of your home is the front door, and it also sets the tone for what is inside. So, while you are getting out your pastel pillows and airy fabrics to display throughout your home, add this simple DIY umbrella wreath to your

5 Funky Dining Room Fixtures

by Jessica B.
The dining room may not be the first room of the house you feel like jazzing up, but it can be a really fun space to add a few selective fixtures that really enhance the atmosphere. Here are a few examples of fun solutions for your dining room that will catch your dinner guests attention.

1) Ceiling fan – If you serve a lot of

Top 5 Don’ts for Decorating Your Dining Room

by BH Editors
As you begin the project of redecorating your dining room, you want to be sure that there aren't any disastrous decorating decisions. You want to have a room that you're proud to show to others; not one that you prefer to keep empty. Check out our 5 simple pieces of advice, and then get ready to host a food-centric gathering.
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