Fantastic Entryway Furniture

by Lori Sciame April 28th, 2016
The entryway of a home provides guests with the first glimpse of the homeowner's style.  Decorating choices for this space, including furniture styles, will combine to present a specific theme, ranging from rustic to ultra-modern.

While each piece of furniture chosen exudes a specific style,
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Entryway Window Treatments

by Lori Sciame April 21st, 2016
The right window treatments create a finished look.  This fact holds true even for the entryway of a home. So, instead of neglecting this area, decorate it with care.  If you do, your guests will certainly appreciate your keen attention to detail.

A new decorating trend in entryways is the static cling privacy window film.  This amazing product can dress up the windows on a door, no matter how large or small, with ease.

For example, $21 can purchase a
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Entryway Electrical Demands

by T Akery April 14th, 2016
When setting up the electrical system in your entryway, you have to consider both practicality and need in this area. Even though lighting is your number one electrical demand, you may need more than just a couple of lights in this area. So, here are some other things to think about in regards to ensuring that the demand in this area meets up with whatever else you need it for.

One thing that requires a demand is if you intend
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  • Entryway Magic

    by Lori Sciame April 7th, 2016
    Thoughtful decorating helps to weave a little magic into every room in the home.  The right color of paint, inviting furniture choices, and unique accessories have the power to create an inviting space - one where family members and guests alike will want to linger.

    The entryway, often one of the last rooms a homeowner thinks about, can be transformed just like any other part of the home.  Settle in,
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  • Soothing Showers

    by Lori Sciame March 31st, 2016
    Creating a bathroom where pampering reigns supreme has never been easier. This is because manufacturers have wised up to the fact that homeowners want an indulgent experience at home.

    With the myriad of upscale products now being produced, one can create a luxurious bathroom that rivals those in posh hotels.  Even the common shower can be transformed into a spa-like adventure - one that heals both physical and mental woes.

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  • Fixing Water Leaks in the Bathroom

    by T Akery March 23rd, 2016
    Water is one of the major culprits for damage in the bathroom. There are often multiple water lines and there are many points where leakage to occur. It is important to identify the areas where water is leaking so that they can be addressed quickly. This is to help stop the other major culprit in the bathroom, mold growth. While some issues can be addressed by homeowners, others will
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