Tips: Bedroom Furniture for Children

by Lori Sciame July 21st, 2016
Please listen to your elders when it comes to tips on purchasing furniture for a child's bedroom.  Experience does matter when it comes to knowing what is important and what is not in creating a comfortable living space for a child.  Read this post
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Bird on a Wire Silhouette Wall Art

by Kimberly Hays July 14th, 2016
Sometimes, the prettiest things can be so simple. I purchased a pillow that has a silhouette of birds on a wire. Birds and bird cages have been very popular for quite some time as a home décor element, and this motif can fit in virtually any room of your home. Switch up the colors to match the pink in a little girl’s room, red for the dining room or kitchen, or powder blue for a bathroom. If you would
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Nothing Fussy Here! Decorating a Child’s Room

by Lori Sciame July 7th, 2016
There's a difference between decorating a child's room and decorating another room in the home.  Basically, one needs to throw any ideas of creating a space that seems more like a showroom than a kid's room. In other words, be wary of too many "frou frou" details.  Instead, provide  a comfortable - and livable - place for your child.  Your decorating goal: nothing fussy here!

Practical Bedding Rules

Many adults love intricate bedding.  They adore bed skirts, duvets, shams, throws, and
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  • Striking Home Office Window Treatments

    by Lori Sciame June 30th, 2016
    Home offices can be a great place to try your hand at interior decorating. After all, it's your space!  All you need to do is determine what style you like.  For instance, one person may wish to create a home office much like one found in the corporate world, while another may want a space that reminds him of the outdoors. Whatever one’s decorating desire may be, the home
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  • Perfect Home Office Chairs

    by Lori Sciame June 23rd, 2016
    Decorating a home office is both challenging and fun.  It may seem overwhelming to choose everything from the wall color to the window coverings yourself, but it can also be a positive experience to be in complete control.  For instance, you don't have to consider anyone else's taste.  Another advantage:  you can pick an office chair best suited to you.

    Here's a quick overview of office chair styles available on
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  • Create a Power Office

    by Lori Sciame June 16th, 2016
    Working from home does not mean one must sacrifice a professional persona.  On the contrary, a homeowner can create a space that not only looks powerful, but that feels powerful as well.  Want to create a formal (and professional) office at home?  Then read this post for valuable tips on how to do so.

    1.  The Spectacular Entrance

    I have a friend who is a professional photographer by trade.  While he
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