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Guestroom Storage

by Jessica B.
If you want to have a guest room, but you don’t have a plethora of rooms to spare, there are some great ways to make the most of your space for both your guests and your storage. Here are some tips for arranging your storage in a neat and orderly way.

1) Guestroom supplies – Buy a container that slips under the bed to store all

The Top Environmental Concerns for Homeowners

by Editorial Team
Environmental issues are becoming more and more serious, and from water pollution to global warming, they have an effect on every person, animal, community and nation on our planet. As the evidence of the devastating effects that humans are having on the environment does nothing but increase, more and more people are taking environmental issues more seriously and choosing to take steps in order to protect the environment and educate others about environmental concerns. We’ve

Dream Guest Rooms

by Lori Sciame
A cozy retreat.  Sounds perfect, right?  Because a guest room is in reality a "home away from home," then it should have touches that make it feel just that way.  If you have a guest room in need of a little TLC, then read on to learn how to decorate it in a way that will keep your guests feeling welcome and at home.

The Bed is the Focus

Since much of the time your

Kitchen Window Treatments

by T Akery
Kitchen windows bring in a lot of natural light into the kitchen. Some kitchens are even arranged to take full use of this fact. Many kitchen windows have a practical side such as keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard or for taking in a relaxing view of the garden. Thus, choosing the right window treatment for your kitchen window can be a challenge. There are certain criteria that a window
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