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How to Add Fun Bathroom Fixtures

by Jessica B.
The bathroom is a room you can have a bit of fun with but still keep your house looking top notch. One easy way to make your bathroom a little snazzier is to play around a little bit with your bathroom fixtures. The fixtures are both functional, but also one of the little elements that can add a bit.

DIY Lavender Wreath

by Meghan Kelly
This lavender wreath project is perfect for your springtime bathroom décor, and it serves a double purpose: to brighten the bathroom with a fresh effect and to perfume the air with a natural scent. This DIY wreath project from Beverly, of The Wreath Depot, can be done in an afternoon, and requires only a few simple materials easily accessed

3 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Themes

by Lori Sciame
How does a parent encourage a young child to take baths?  And not only that, how does one convince a child that brushing his or her teeth is actually fun?  There are several tactics that work, including singing with the child while doing these tasks and maintaining a reward system.

One of the easiest ways to encourage healthy habits, however,

3 Smart Components to Splurge on for Your Bathroom

by Marnie Bii
When it comes to household electronics, the future is now. You can pick up electronic equipment that makes your life more organized, efficient and enjoyable. The smart devices available on the market today can even meet your daily personal care needs in the bathroom. Here are three items you can splurge on for your bathroom if you come into