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A DIY Hot Air Balloon Window Decoration

by Kimberly Hays
I’ve always given thought to what to do with light bulbs instead of just tossing them in the trash. I try to think of ways to repurpose most things. I bought a used lamp recently, and it had an old light bulb in it that no longer worked. I set it to the side for a few days and then its shape hit me as looking like a hot

Some Great Ideas to Add Industrial Style to the Rooms in Your Home

by Editorial Team
It seems strange that so many of the most effective ideas in home design have their roots in the past, but the ideas of our forefathers keep reappearing in our homes’ interior designs. The industrial revolution started way back in the 1700s, but that has not stopped us referring back to it for ideas. We often pay lip service to it in industrial features in our home, but how do we use it to full

4 Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

by Cricket Webber
Professionally decorated living rooms have a flow that is difficult to emulate unless you understand the reasoning behind some of the choices. Sometimes when you're putting furniture in a room, you can tell when it doesn't look or feel right, but you aren't sure why. When you're trying to sort out where to put your living room furniture, try keeping a few of these tips in mind.

Look for a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, and

3 Fun Ways to Feng Shui

by Lori Sciame
In the past ten years, feng shui has transitioned from a traditional Chinese philosophy to an international design concept. Creating feng shui in your home means following strict design guidelines to create good energy flow and functionality. Several factors contribute to the overall feng shui of the space, including creating unobstructed flows of energy, selecting harmonious colors, and choosing accessories that contribute to the overall warmth of the space. These three factors will clear the energy flow
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