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3 Tips for Storing Your Teen’s Schoolwork

by Cricket Webber
If you're not careful, schoolwork and paperwork related to classwork can really take over your teen's bedroom – and the whole house. Some of that schoolwork, like that macaroni necklace from first grade, makes you smile every time you see it. Other paperwork, like notes from algebra, don't make sense to hang onto later. The first step is to figure out what schoolwork really needs saving, and then you

Finding the Balance Between Fun and Functional

by Cricket Webber
Teens really need a place of their own that meets their needs, both practically speaking and aesthetically. Get your teen involved from the beginning of the process to make sure that you can hit all of those needs with the options you pick. Finding furniture that looks great and solves logistical problems is not as difficult as it might sound at first. Even though your teen's taste might not match up with yours, you

Easy Ways to Finance a Home Improvement Project

by Editorial Team
Home improvement is all the rage these days. There are dozens of popular shows on TV documenting home improvement projects so you won’t ever be short on inspiration. But seeing the possibilities and actually paying for the work to be done are two different things entirely. It costs time and money to fit a new kitchen or add a conservatory, so what are the finance options if you are looking at ways

4 Places to Find Inspiration: Teen’s Bedroom

by Lori Sciame
Sometimes inspiration doesn't come easily. Finding the right color scheme and/or theme for a teen's bedroom can be downright difficult; however, all one needs to do is seek out inspiration.  Read this post to learn about four places to find just the creative spark you need to begin a re-decorating project in your child's bedroom.

First, a great place to begin a quest for inspiration is with your teen.  After all, this is going to
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