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4 Choices in Playroom Furniture

by Jessica B.
Decorating a playroom can be a fun experience because there are so many great items to choose from, and many of them are affordable and colorful. Here are a few tips for choosing furniture for your kids so that your playroom will endure a ton of playing, watching your kids grow older, and still be relatively easy to clean.


Cool Playroom Accessories

by Lori Sciame
Fred Rogers knew the importance of play in a child's life.  In the opening moments of his long running children's show, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, he would prepare for play by putting on a comfortable sweater and by taking off uncomfortable shoes.

In essence, he modeled the idea that one should make having fun a priority.  When asked why he felt

4 Playroom Activity Tables for Under $100

by Marnie Bii
A kids' playroom is just not complete without a fully functional activity table. Activity tables built for blocks or art projects enable your kids to enjoy a wide range of fun diversions without leaving the playroom. By spending just under $100 on one of these tables, you can gain hours of quiet time while your kids enjoy creative projects.

Storage Space to Organize the Playroom

by Ronald A. Rowe
Kids accumulate a lot of stuff.  Playrooms are routinely littered with dolls, Legos, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals, balls, blocks, trains, and on and on it goes.  You want the playroom to be an inviting place for your children to play but you need some sort of organization to keep all that stuff in some semblance of order.  You need