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Immersion Blender: The Kitchen Gadget Must-Have

by Marnie Bii September 19th, 2014 Home Have-to-Have
If you want to mix up complex, delicious dishes without any mess or fuss, pick up an immersion blender for your kitchen. The immersion blender can help you make the widest range of dishes with ease. This little unit doesn't take up barely any room on your counter and cleans up with a simple rinse in the sink. Here's just a taste of the dishes it'll help you make.


Hummus, ranch, barbecue sauce and guacamole are just a few of the dip treats you can make with your blender. Sprinkle
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Painting Your Kitchen

by Jessica B. September 18th, 2014 Painting
When painting your kitchen you want to take a few practical precautions so you do not get into trouble later. As we have young kids in our house at the moment, I feel my husband and I clean the kitchen at least 3 times a day, on a good day. And that’s just a regular wipe down. Then there are the greasy hand marks on the walls, the splattered food, the spilled drinks and all the other surprises that turn up so you have to wipe down the walls on a regular basis. If this is not a problem
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Three Fabulous Kitchen Themes

by Lori Sciame September 15th, 2014 Decorating, General
I'm all for decorating a home to please one's own personal taste.  After all, you live in the space, as it's not a showroom or a museum; therefore, whatever theme you wish to create in a kitchen is completely up to you.  I've seen many individualized kitchens: retro kitchens, north woods kitchens, beach kitchens, and even Green Bay Packer kitchens.  What I liked most about these unique kitchens was the smile on the owner's faces when they were showing off their creations.  They were
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Tips for Repairing Kitchen Countertops

by T Akery September 17th, 2014 Maintenance, Repairs
Despite promises from different manufacturers about how well countertops stand up to the wear and tear of use, there are some situations that can inadvertently cause damage. It may be because you forgot to use a cutting board or because conditions were exactly right for this damage to occur. No matter what the case, the result is the same your countertops have sustained damage
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Anthropologie Champagne Bubbles Knockoff Glasses

by Kimberly Hays September 12th, 2014 Decorating, DIY
Decorating I am so excited to share this DIY idea with you! I am constantly looking at home décor items on different websites for ideas for DIY projects at a fraction of the cost. My favorites are Pier One, World Market, and Anthropologie. Looking at the Anthropologie website, I found
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