Posh Guest Room Window Treatments

by Lori Sciame October 27th, 2016
Window treatments should never be an after thought.  While their main purpose may be to provide privacy, they also add a unique sense of style to a room.  Think of it this way - a woman doesn't wear scuffed sneakers with her favorite slinky
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The Best Guest Room Furniture

by Lori Sciame October 20th, 2016
What makes the perfect guest bedroom?  One that is both comfortable and beautiful, of course!  When guests arrive, they are usually tired, and they are happy to be on vacation, whether it's for the weekend or for a month; therefore, as the host or hostess, it's your duty to provide a retreat space that will allow your visitors to be at ease.

Below are suggestions on how to provide the best experience for your guests.

The Focal Point: The Bed

My son
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Avoid These Guest Bedroom Pitfalls

by Lori Sciame October 13th, 2016
I am confident that most people want to be gracious hosts when guests arrive.  Ultimately, they hope their special guest will leave having had a positive experience, one that elicits a smile when he or she remembers the time spent in your home.

However, sometimes guests can't wait to leave, and when you try to invite them back, they politely refuse.  You are left wondering: What went wrong?  How did I fail?

To find out, let's explore a few common guest
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  • Guest Bedroom Design Considerations

    by Lori Sciame October 6th, 2016
    Just like clothing, guest bedrooms do not fit a "one size fits all" approach.  On the contrary, the ultimate decorating scheme of a guest bedroom is as individual as each homeowner.  Because of this, one will want to take his or her time when planning the design for a guest bedroom, as it's not as simple as it may seem at first.

    The first thing to think about is how many
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  • Splendid Picks: Kitchen Furniture

    by Lori Sciame September 29th, 2016
    Trends in kitchen furniture are anything but boring.  In fact, today's furniture choices for one of the most used rooms in a home have morphed from cookie cutter to customized. Isn't is wonderful to live in a society where one can freely infuse his personality into his decorating style?

    Maybe you're planning a kitchen remodel in the near future.  If so, read this informative post on splendid picks for kitchen
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  • Wildly Wonderful Window Treatments

    by Lori Sciame September 22nd, 2016
    Today's kitchens should feel open and bright.  To help create this cheery vibe, windows in this perpetually busy room should remain uncovered - for the most part.  While home owners don't cover their kitchen windows with heavy curtains, most do embellish them in some manner.  Read this post for some wildly wonderful window treatments.

    I love the idea of showcasing a decorative seasonal wreath on the kitchen sink window.  There
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