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4 Playroom Activity Tables for Under $100

by Marnie Bii November 21st, 2014 Decorating, Home Bargains
A kids' playroom is just not complete without a fully functional activity table. Activity tables built for blocks or art projects enable your kids to enjoy a wide range of fun diversions without leaving the playroom. By spending just under $100 on one of these tables, you can gain hours of quiet time while your kids enjoy creative projects. Here are four places to find these awesome tables for your playroom.


Right now at Toys"R"Us, you can grab your kids a versatile crafting table that includes a fun building
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Storage Space to Organize the Playroom

by Ronald A. Rowe November 20th, 2014 Organization, Storage
Kids accumulate a lot of stuff.  Playrooms are routinely littered with dolls, Legos, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals, balls, blocks, trains, and on and on it goes.  You want the playroom to be an inviting place for your children to play but you need some sort of organization to keep all that stuff in some semblance of order.  You need a storage system.

There are many different ways to organize and store toys in the playroom.  We went through several different attempts with mixed results before landing on a combination of three ideas that worked well together.

First, we got rid of
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Awesome Playrooms

by Lori Sciame November 17th, 2014 Decorating, General
Special places = special fun.  Playrooms provide the perfect setting for creative play.  Plus, having this glorious room keeps toys from ending up strewn from one end of the home to the other!  Most readers will agree, those two reasons alone justify creating a separate playroom for their children.

But how does one make this room inviting?  That's an important question. Let me divulge a few decorating secrets that will make your child's playroom a place where he or she wants to spend lots of time.

First, the
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Window Treatments for Playroom

by Jessica B. November 19th, 2014 Decorating, Window Treatments
If you are thinking of redoing your playroom, you may be considering what sort of window treatments will work best for your space. There are a lot of things to consider, design, practicality, safety and ease of cleaning are always on the top of my list. Here are some things you should always consider when choosing window treatments for a playroom.

Safety First – I’m
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2 Ways a Steam Cleaner Keeps Your Playroom Clean

by Marnie Bii November 14th, 2014 Home Have-to-Have
Home-Have-to-Have A playroom full of rambunctious kids will quickly become a mess during normal play. Even just one or two kids can wreak havoc in a fully fitted playroom. You can fight back against the mess by investing in a quality steam cleaner designed for walls, floors and furniture. Here
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