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Room Tech to Utilize Dining Room Corners

by Jessica B.
Dining rooms are often underused. You keep your nicest table, your nicest china and your good silver in there, but then you spend most of your time eating in the kitchen. But if you only have a small amount of space in your dining room, you want to use every last bit of it. Your corner spaces are often

May 2015 Home Focus- Dining Room

by BH Editors
As we flip the calendar and May begins, it is time to switch our focus to a new room, the dining room. Throughout the month we will focus on different aspects of redecorating this room. From changing your furniture to updating your decorative theme to adding a coat of paint, we will provide helpful hints. Hopefully we can help give your entryway a whole new

Organize Your Entryway with Old-Fashioned Charm

by Ronald A. Rowe
Families tend to put a lot of demands on the front entryway.  It’s the first area they hit when they enter into the home.  It’s the place where muddy boots, wet coats, and all manner of toys and sports equipment get dumped.  Keys and mail get piled up on the front table with disturbing regularity.  For a small room with no chairs that is

Door Decor

by Ronald A. Rowe
The front entryway is the first thing that visitors see when entering your home.  It is also the last impression they get on their way out the door.  Yet the front door itself is often overlooked in the overall decorating scheme of the home.  The door does not have to be a barren rectangle of functionalism in your well-designed home.  It can play a