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by Lori Sciame | April 23rd, 2012 | Appliances


Do you dream of cooking in a gourmet home kitchen?  You can – if price is no object, and you have plans for remodeling in the near future.  Several appliances on the market today can make your dreams of a chef friendly kitchen come true.  Never again will you have to cook entire meals using just four burners and one oven.  Also, forget going outside to grill.  In addition, refrigerators built with hosting parties in mind are also available.

Why the interest in upscale stoves, ovens, and refrigerators? Because now more than ever, Americans want to reproduce upscale foods at home.  For this they want chef grade appliances, and the demand has created an awesome supply.  Check out a few samples of these upscale appliances below.

Six Burners

Six gas burners on a stove top are better than four of course.  Having the flexibility of this many burners opens up many more options  for the serious chef.  Some types can even be converted to use as griddles – think pancakes and crepes.

Double Ovens

Hosting large dinner parties can be so much easier if you have a double oven.  With two places to bake, you won’t have to leave out a favorite side dish.  You also won’t have to worry about flavors between the dishes mixing.

Warming Drawers

Also beneficial for large gatherings – warming drawers. These awesome drawers keep food warm without drying it out.  You can set them to the specific temperature you wish, usually from 80 -210 degrees.  Perfect for parties, they also work for families on the go, each requiring dinner at different times.

Indoor Grills

Although some may complain about the smoke produced by indoor grills, with proper ventilation, this should not be a problem.  Grills can expand cooking opportunities for home chefs – especially in areas of the country that experience long, snowy winters.  Also, if you cherish your health, grills allow you to prepare meats without using added oils.

Professional Grade Refrigerators

Who hasn’t wished for a larger refrigerator while planning a dinner party?  Desserts, beverages, fresh fruit trays, and other items need to be kept cold until guests arrive.  Now, with the availability of professional grade refrigerators, everything that needs to be kept cold or frozen can be – and within easy reach.  Check out the plethora of models available on the Internet before you buy.  Many have options you’ve many never dreamed of, from special wine racks to express chill and thaw drawers.

The only drawback of huge refrigerators/freezers?  You may find that you buy more food than you need, which could lead to waste.  When it comes to size of a unit, think carefully about what your true needs really are so you won’t end up regretting your decision.

All of these appliance options can make a home chef extremely happy in the kitchen.  If you want the most  bang for your buck, plan to work with a kitchen designer to find out which ones will work with your redesign.  Happy remodeling, and happy cooking!

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