IKEA Kitchens: Worth It?

by Jessica B. | April 18th, 2013 | Decorating


ikeaWhen we started looking to remodel our kitchen, we went to many different kitchen stores and evaluated the different options. When we were done, we went to IKEA. We ended up going with an IKEA kitchen. Here are some of the benefits, and disadvantages we have found so far with our IKEA kitchen.

1) Price – You cannot go wrong with the price when it comes to an IKEA kitchen. They offer something in pretty much every price range. Many people wonder if a cheap kitchen can really look like anything of quality, and to be honest, I think IKEA kitchens do end up looking pretty decent for the money. The biggest gain is that the cabinets do not long worn and old; they look modern and clean. And thus, even if you go for a low end kitchen, you still end up with a new kitchen. IKEA wins hands down on price. And for their higher end models, they are still cheaper than the expensive equivalents and look like you are getting more for your money.

2) Installation – Obviously if you are buying an IKEA product, it is implied that you may need to do a bit of work yourself. If the idea of this is daunting, you can hire someone to help you out. Don’t be too intimidated. Putting in these cabinets is not tricky business. Just make sure you take an entire weekend and be patient, you will figure it out. Those instructions are not as tricky as they might look.

3) Quality – You get what you pay for. These days, most things are disposable and don’t last as long as they used to. An IKEA kitchen will not last forever, and you may need to swap out certain parts along the way, but since it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, it may be less painful than other kitchen cabinets when they wear and tear.

4) Choice – IKEA’s assortment of kitchens is getting more extensive every year. It still has a very Scandinavian feel to it, so you might not always find what you are looking for, and certainly struggle to find a homey old fashioned style kitchen, there are a lot of modern options to choose from within every budget. Also, you can use IKEA’s extensive planning tools to be able to model your kitchen furniture and figure out what your kitchen will look like. It will also help you calculate sizes.

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